Humanity at all times came to the last line. Man always expected the end of the world, zombie Apocalypse and terrible virus. Another person scares himself Godzilla and reptilians, Illuminati, comets and asteroids.
It’s all very convenient. With all these fears and the causes of these fears can be fought 24 hours a day for a lifetime. Most people are so arranged, we can not and do not want nothing to change, so look for traces of the world government is much more convenient than to force the bully not to yell in the street and not to cling to passers-by. It’s easier to take care of whales in the ocean than not to litter the pond next to the house. It’s time to stop thinking about the ozone layer and do what you can see. This forest, field, river, lake, pond, Park or tree. Even a simple tree is a whole world.
Ask me what religion I profess and my answer is the question of what is the religion of the tree, the bird, the butterfly and the snake. We are all among them, we are one world and we have one Creator.
They all depend on us. The Creator created them and us and instructed us to take care of each other.
The Almighty is also there are forests-star system, the oceans of the galaxy, even the river, the milky way. It’s global. The Lord will know when the Apocalypse comes, the last judgment, the Martian invasion, or when a comet flies in with a virus that will kill everyone or turn us into something we can’t even imagine. But all this is not important for us. Trifles are important to us.
It’s time to look under your feet and do what the Creator requires of us. It’s time to save those who need saving and who we can save.
Here for example, did you know that snakes do not have ears snakes don’t hear well but you feel a vibration and eating somewhere the vibration is very strong snake out from this place. Where is vibration? Well, it’s roads, Railways, production, construction.
When started construction, who checked how many snakes in this place including poisonous? Where have these snakes gone? They disappeared from this vibration, and often snakes have nowhere to run. Most of the snakes have left their habitat die.
But as the roads and factories are built for a long time that not far from the roads and factories begin to fuss people, life begins. Multiply various pests, such as rats and growing harm from these rats.
The snake is the enemy of rats. And where possible, snakes should be returned. Of course the snakes do not return directly to the railway, but you can settle in the vicinity. They lived there, and at the time of construction left and died. Someone took their place and it’s not nightingales or deer. Crows and rats. I’m not calling for the killing of rats and crows, but we need to strike a balance. As God intended.
Our organization – the Foundation for the preservation and restoration of reptiles and amphibians “EKSIMER” aims to return the reptiles and amphibians where they mindlessly kicked people thereby causing harm to the ecosystem, myself and those people who will come after him. Also we will provide overexposure and rehabilitation of reptiles and amphibians of victims of the person not only in the nature but also at the contents in private collections. Educational work on an equal footing with other tasks is mandatory and difficult.
And that’s not all the tasks that need to start to solve.
Your help and support will ensure continuous and productive work in the intended direction.

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